”Artisan Crafted” Visual Creator, J’Atelier9 ™️ (IG: @jatelier9), was founded by Los Angeles based artist, Janine Tang.

Janine is a Hong Kong born sustainable fine artist, whom grew up in Southern California. She graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics.

Her deeply rooted humble & cultural upbringing conditioned her to reuse & repurpose at an early age. This philosophy has extended over to her sustainable mindfulness. Her discipline focuses on her movement towards a "circular environmental cycle" by sourcing reclaimed materials into her practice to heighten her impact on carbon footprint.

Growing up as a Chinese American and influenced by discrimination and socio-economic disparities, she dissects aspects of societal programming within the matrix, while creating a wondrous majestic world of optimism and reflection.

At the underbelly of J'Atelier9, Janine's atelier/studio reconciles cause and effect within her artistry. She delicately confronts opposition, fragility, and controversy as part of her connection and voice.

J'Atelier9 disrupts the transcendent beauty of innovative repurposing in her works by merging vibrant hues, visual forms, fluid shapes, and experimental techniques. She is known to blend pigmented acrylic paints and textured paste onto layers of reclaimed mixed media from newsprint, ephemera, recycled bags, and repurposed boards - while juxtaposing the dichotomy of consumerism against responsible adaptive reuses of sustainable elements.

She allows her selectively curated eco-conscious materials and her intuitive process to reach their pinnacle of inherent patina, imperfection, or rawness. Her environmental contribution is commingled into her narrative, as her art ripples into shared experiences, personal displacement, and fearful confrontations.

J'Atelier9 merges the interconnectedness of the world through her awareness by voicing society’s sensationalism of media, global discourse, planet preservation, glorification of materialism, cross cultural evolution, and complex facets of duplicity throughout her art.

Artisan hand crafted and reconstructed, her works merge into an insightful tapestry of ethereal, unconventional, whimsical, and sustainable. She experiments with a mixture of flat color palettes, unusual textures, and composition, while swirling bold hues of expansive contrast, mood, and process.

Her artwork is being exhibited at Gallery 825. She was recently exhibited at the 98th Anniversary Benefit Auction for Los Angeles Art Association, Huntington Beach Art Center, Laguna Art Gallery in 2023. She had a group exhibits at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum for the 22nd Japan International Art Exchange Exhibition curated by Julienne Johnson, where AIR-NERGY will become International Art Exchange's Chairman, Professor Katsu Shimmin's permanent museum and corporate collection; Yerevan Art Expo for the permanent collection of Karen Demirchyan Museum, and at Sasse Museum for the SeeMe exhibition juried by Deena Capparelli.

J'Atelier9 was selected as the top finalists in 2 categories for the Touch of Blue International Expo: https://zomagazine.com/blue-expo-final-judging

She is featured on the portrait series interview for VoyageLA: http://voyagela.com/interview/life-work-with-janine-tang-of-los-angeles. She also has a feature interview with Creative Magazine: https://www.createmagazine.com/blog/j-atelier9-and-the-circular-movement-in-art expands on her environmental responsibility within her artisan craft in fine arts.


2024: J’Atelier9 (FUN FACTORY) Solo Exhibition, The Glenmark (slated for Feb 2024)

2023: J'Atelier9 Solo Art Pop Up Experience, Vives Experience

2022: J‘Atelier9 Solo Pop Up Art Exhibit, Vives Experience


2023: 22nd Japan International Art Exchange Exhibition curated by Julienne Johnson, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

2022: SeeMe juried by Deena Capparelli, Sasse Art Museum,




Supersense, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825 juried Cynthia Penna

Words on Printed Page, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Burke Triolo Studio, Los Angeles Art Association's 98th Anniversary Benefit Auction with John Moran Auctioneers juried by LAAA Exhibition Committee and Auction House partners

J Alley Studios, Midsummer Night Scene curated by Jeremiah Alley

Yerevan Art Expo, Yerevan Armenia curated by Narine Isajanyan & Julienne Johnson

Full Bodied, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Informationary, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Confection, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

FRESH Spring Fling, Laguna Art Gallery

Non Sequitur, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Small Time, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Coy, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Centered on the Center, Huntington Beach Art Center

Applied Science, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825


Habitual, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Hurly Burly, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Pancakes and Booze LA Art Show, Catch One LA

Interiority, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Undisclosed Location, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Walk the Unsound Music & Art Festival, Wingwalker Brewery

Festoon, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Root and Branch, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Lingering Feast, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825

Mannerist, Los Angeles Art Association at Gallery 825



Invitational letter from Giulia Mazzolani (former assistant director to Peggy Guggenheim at Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy) Rural Residency for Contemporary Art

Touch of Blue International Expo, Zo Magazine - Selected as Top Finalist in 2 categories, https://zomagazine.com/blue-expo-final-judging


2023: California Art League, artist member

2022: Where Are The Women Artists/WATWA, member of artist directory,


Los Angeles Art Association, artist member by juried panel



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Create Magazine Exclusive Interview with J’Atelier9, 10/2022: https://www.createmagazine.com/blog/j-atelier9-and-the-circular-movement-in-art



SOCIETAL MATRIX embodies expansive hues of colors in the expressive works highlighting the ever present matrix in worldwide society. The narrative seeks to evaluate programming, messaging, conditioning, and communication within the interconnections of every single life source. 

The purpose, construction, design, and deconstruction of each fragment serve as pieces of the powerful matrix and observation of the mastermind.

This series of works illuminates shifting components of colorful hues while dissecting pop culture, environmental discourse, and cautionary exploitation within society's matrix.