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Artisan Crafted Creator, J’Atelier9/J’A9 (@jatelier9) emerged after her Los Angeles based visionary founder, Janine Tang, began her movement towards a circular environment philosophy by sourcing reclaimed materials into her sustainable fine arts.

J’A9 reshapes the transcendent beauty of innovative repurposing in her fine arts.. allowing her art to transform into an unconventional vessel. She juxtaposes the dichotomy of consumerism against responsible adaptive reuses of reclaimed materials while enhancing the trajectory of repurposing.

Many of the selectively curated eco-conscious repurposed materials utilized into her works have an inherent patina, imperfection, and rawness. Her environmental contribution is commingled into her narrative.

Artisan hand reconstructed, they merge into an insightful tapestry of ethereal, unconventional, whimsical, and sustainability. She experiments with a mixture of flat color palettes, textures, layers, form, while swirling bold hues of expansive contrast, mood, and technique.

J’A9 translates the interconnectedness of the world through her works by highlighting society’s sensationalism of media, global discourse, planet preservation, glorification of materialism, technological dependence, natural habitat, fashion lifestyle, relatable human experiences, and complex facets of duplicity.

She dissects aspects of societal conditioning and programming within the matrix, while also creating a wondrous majestic world of optimism and reflection. Such liberations are expressed yet interpreted through the beholder.


Full House Literary, tbd (in progress)

Assignment Literary Magazine, tbd (slated for Jun 2023)

Levitate Magazine, Issue 7, slated for late spring 2023

Quibble Lit Review, Issue 9: Puzzle, Riddle. Puddle., 3/2023:

Howler Project daily stories, 2/27-3/5/2023:

Blood Orange Review, Vol 15.1, 2/2023:

Harpur Palate Literary Journal, Volume 21.2 & Special Issue: Ecoptopia, 2/2023 & slated for summer/fall of 2023:

Nat 1 Publishing's Audience Askew Literary Journal, Volume 1, Issue 3 and following issue, 1/2023 & slated for 4/2023:

Create Magazine Exclusive Interview, 10/2022:


22nd Japan International Art Exchange Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, 6/2023

FRESH Spring Fling group exhibit, Laguna Art Gallery, 4/2023

Small Time group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 3/2023

Coy group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 2/2023

J'ATELIER9 Art Pop Up Experience (Solo Exhibition), Vives Experience, 2/2023

Centered on the Center, Huntington Beach Art Center, 1/2023

Applied Science, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 1/2023

Habitual, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 12/2022

Hurly Burly group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 11/2022

Pancakes and Booze LA Art Show, Catch One LA, 11/2022

Interiority group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 10/2022

J‘Atelier9 Art Pop Up (Solo Exhibition), Vives Experience, 10/2022

Undisclosed Location group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 9/2022

Walk the Unsound, Wingwalker Brewery Music & Art Festival, 9/2022

Festoon group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 8/2022

SeeMe group exhibit & catalog, Sasse Art Museum, 8/2022:

Root and Branch group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 8/2022

Lingering Feast group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 7/2022

Mannerist group exhibit, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 6/2022


ZO Magazine's Touch of Blue Expo - Selected as Top Finalist Internationally in 2 categories, 1/2023:


California Art League, artist member, 1/2023

Where Are The Women Artists/WATWA, member of artist directory, 8/2022:

Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, selected artist member by juried panel, 5/2022

Thank you for sharing such detailed thoughts & feelings.. Your kindness just made my day! Wishing you a fabulous weekend ahead GW, xo

Fabulous tattoo details and technique, very exotic and interesting creature..

Always fun and rewarding to get a commission, congrats !

Fantastic technique and talent; def looks like a photograph !

Fantastic technique and talent; def looks like a photograph !

Keep on monetizing the art works, great job!!!

Self taught art begins with an innate passion from within, as I def resonate. It's such to Taylor Swift whom self taught her artisan style and lyrical stories.. Congrats on your upcoming Mar show; it's exciting to gain exposure and continually grow with all the challenges, judgment, and rejection we each endure in our journey as fine artists. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SALE $$$ OF THIS PIECE !

We all know the feeling of a BROKEN heart... I like the color palette contrast!

Very interesting... The rain would have been cool, especially given the amount of needed rain we experience this winter season. Yet, the dramatic lighting is striking, literally, LoL! You could add one more to your series with fire, as the crazy winds spark wild fires, causing much havoc and devastation on our dry forests and mountains, smmhh.. At least they are wet this season.

Great story... they look too healthy, esp with no apparent track marks to be junkies, LoL! Addicted by LOVE, instead of drugs - the best vice to be addicted by.. just saying.

Interesting textured results!! Michael mentioned you live in CM. Feel free to stop by my group show at Huntington Beach Art Museum on 1/28/23 at 5:30 pm on 538 Main St. It's posted in my calendar events also! Hope to meet you in near future.. xo

Appreciate your use of reclaimed materials and artisan design elements !

Funny, not funny, LoL

LUV$$$$ IT!!! $1 BIL will exceed the old record sales of Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Cy Twombly in the Macklowe Collection that sold for over $922 MILLION ! ALWAYS GOTTA AIM HIGH... manifestation is real.

Why only $1 MIL, LoL ...

Fantastic use of inks and up cycled shipment box... I much prefer the 1st slide (lighter day time side) than the 7th slide (darker night time side)!

Hi Michael, How are you doing? Now that it is 2023, I noticed the most recent comments on post about the Pink Bison Prize went unanswered. Are there any updates on the finalist selection for Jan 1st? And is this award still being announced on Feb 1st, 2023?

Very solid points! Art fairs and exhibitions can be a costly expense added with much prep time, display set up, traveling, sales, marketing and monitoring your station. You must be very selective as to which ones are worthwhile to participate in or invest in as there are a vast many options out there. The exposure, networking, experience, and sales are necessary; yet the effort, cost, and time must be factored into the overall equation. Happy 23!

Muchas Gracias Marcela.. No hablo mucho Español, pero como etas, LoL.. Feliz Navidad Bonita!! Me gusta verde, muy caliente. hahaha!

NNNiiiccce, congrats on your sale, well done! Happy Holidays.