About Altamira

Altamira helps artists gain recognition and sell their work. It allows art fans, lovers, collectors, critics, and novices to discover the top art of today, each day. It brings artists, fans, and critics together in a space without gatekeepers and pretension.

Empower Artists to Make a Living

Artists pay galleries a 50% commission on every artwork the gallery sells. Our commission is just 10%. As an artist, you can build your following, brand, and brand value in a supportive online community. Artists can and should control their own destiny.

Educate, Enrich and Provide Confidence

Traditionally, galleries act as gatekeepers for access to the art market. At Altamira, there are no gatekeepers. Community-sourced insight provides knowledge and confidence. Not a salesperson.

For the Community by the Community

We are building this with you. To make a meaningful impact, we bring everyone along for the ride. We’ll ask for feedback, listen, and respond.

Not eCommerce (Social Commerce)

Buying a work of art takes consideration, so take your time and consider. Follow, vote, critique, question, converse, respond, evaluate, learn, trust, buy, sell, collect, resell. Even if you aren’t buying today, take part. Today. Tomorrow. And the next day.

Innovation Instead of Stagnation

The art industry is ripe for innovation. Altamira is focused on using technology to help artists, collectors, and fans thrive. We promise to deploy our artistic creativity to open up the art world.


  • Michael Facchinello

    Michael Facchinello

    Founder and CEO

    Michael grew up around and loves art. He spent his early career designing and building technology. Altamira brings it all together. Learn more about Michael

  • John Gile

    John Gile

    Chief Technology Officer

    John is a gifted technologist who has built hundreds of digital platforms and apps. Some describe his code as works of art. Learn more about John