My Art in Mineral Point

I've had the opportunity lately of having my art on display in Mineral Point WI, which is just southwest of Madison, and northeast of Dubuque IA. The Mississippi River lies in between those two.

The small, attractive, mid-1850s built, historical community houses more art and gallery space than the rest of Wisconsin combined, and I certainly feel very blessed to have "found it" while on another adventure to DesMoines IA.

Most of the art is hanging at Haven on High Street, which is a meditation/yoga/massage/relax kind of place. The original stone walls line one side of it, and the large reception area of the front of their space is more than acceptable as a gallery space, however temporary it may be. Haven on High is not a gallery, but is certainly wedged in between the rest of them, and "fits" very nicely in this decidedly artzy town.

The art is up, but one night there, called the town's "Gallery Night", I also performed a simple 3 pieces of music by accompanying my own pre-recorded tracks with a live cello. Satisfyingly short yet hopefully entertaining.

So these are all of those pics, like a "blog moment". Thanks for visiting, and when you get a chance, head over to my website as well eh?


(PS: the art on the wall is not mine. Mine is everything on the table except the bowls, and the one on the easel of the Honey Jar).

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!piece @user #hashtag

May 17, 2023

LoL.. I also use a pseudonym for my art brand. I believe many artists (visual, musical, performative, & literary) do this for a multitude of reasons. Thanks for sharing your art studio pics, very organized and well curated. Wishing you continued success!

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