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J’Atelier9/J’A9 (@jatelier9) emerged after its Los Angeles based visionary founder, Janine Tang, began her movement towards a circular economy by sourcing recycled repurposed salvaged materials into her fine arts.

J’A9 reshapes the transcendent beauty of innovative repurposing & recycling.. allowing her art to become the vessel. She juxtaposes the dichotomy of consumerism against salvaged adaptive reuses of recycling.

Many of the selectively curated eco-conscious materials utilized into her works have an inherent patina, imperfection, and rawness. Her environmental responsibility is commingled into her narrative. Artisanally combined, they merge into an insightful tapestry of ethereal, whimsical, and sustainability.

J’A9 translates the interconnectedness of the world through her works by highlighting society’s sensation of media, global discourse, planet preservation, glorification of materialism, technological dependence, joyous memories, natural habitat, fashion lifestyle, human experiences, and complex facets of duplicity. 

She dissects aspects of life through societal conditioning and programming within the matrix, while also creating a wondrous majestic world of optimism and reflection.


Nat 1 Publishing's Audience Askew Literary Journal, scheduled for 3rd and 4th issues


Mannerist, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 6/2022

Lingering Feast, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 7/2022

Root and Branch, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 8/2022

SeeMe, Sasse Art Museum, 8/2022

Festoon, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 8/2022

Walk the Unsound, Wingwalker Brewery Music & Art Festival, 9/2022

Undisclosed Location, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 9/2022

J ‘Atelier9 Art Pop Up Event, Vives Experience, 10/2022

Interiority , Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 10/2022

Pancakes and Booze LA Art Show, Catch One, 11/2022

Hurly Burly, Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, 11/2022


Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, selected artist member by juried panel, 5/2022

Where Are The Women Artists/WATWA, member of international artist directory, 8/2002


SOCIETAL MATRIX embodies expansive hues of colors in the expressive works highlighting the ever present matrix. The narrative seeks to evaluate programming, messaging, conditioning, and communication within interconnections of every life source. 

The purpose, construction, design, and deconstruction of each fragment serve as pieces of the powerful matrix and observation of the mastermind.

This collection of works illuminates shifting components dissecting pop culture, environmental discourse, and cautionary exploitation within society's matrix.