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Steve Spencer

Steve Spencer

Steve Spencer’s outsider-influenced painting combines vivid color with humor and subtle compositional underpinnings.  Spencer uses the plastic nature of acrylic paints to create musical canvasses.  His images strive to combine representation and abstraction.  His work has a tactile element.

He is drawn to popular culture, architecture, urban life, jazz, baseball, food and the way people’s memories work.  Humor is ever present.  Many of his works seem to be very obvious at first glance but reward a viewer with deeper layers upon reflection.

Largely self-taught, Spencer’s work has been featured in numerous publications around the world.  In 2016, he was honored with a grant by the Arkansas Arts Council.  He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He was selected as a Regional Artist by the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  In 2019 Spencer created the artwork for the Google Doodle honoring B.B. King.