Jalinka Gressmann is a visual artist based in Amsterdam.
She has a background in commercial creative studies such as interior design, 3D design, and autonomous sculpture.
She received her Bachelor of Fine Art - Intermedia from the Utrecht School of the Arts in 2004.

After a couple of sideroads, she has been fully committed to creating art since 2020. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in private collections in the USA, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, and Belgium.

​Jalinka is an artist who creates mixed-media paintings and collages that explore and communicate concepts of mysticism, nature, and freedom through surrealistic and symbolic narratives. She draws inspiration from various sources and uses all her senses, including her dreams, to create balanced compositions featuring figurative and abstract work. Her way of working is an associative and experimental process. 

"I am an explorer of imagination, where inspiration flows endlessly from within and the world around me. With a passion for hunting the unique and the odd, I love to wander through flea markets, antique shops, and second-hand bookstores. However, the most magical findings I discovered were in nature. Using art as a transformative tool, I express and identify patterns and connections, shaping my life's purpose amidst this absurdist life. Through my creative expressions, I find solace and a profound connection to the world within and around me. Every day is an opportunity to discover and create a new adventure."