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Silence is Red

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Viola Dana was a very successful American silent actress during the era of silent films.

I found her photo by accident and looked up the name, after wondering what that must be like, to be a silent actress, I decided I wanted to pay her a tribute by giving her a voice, symbolized by "screaming" different tones of red.

My work never sprouts from a concept, but just flows out of me. I create in the moment self.

Of course, during the day/night, many ideas can come up if I hear/see or smell something, my brain is a neverending associative source of creations. So creating at the moment does help me more to choose something, and puzzle with what I collected and chosen for 1 piece.

Especially collage making is one big puzzle. Which I love to solve. It's done when I feel a balance, good enough that it gives me a sense of peace.

Limited edition of 25. (24 left)

I also have a smaller size of 30x30cm, in a limited edition of 11, please ask if interested.

Digital Collage, Giclee print on high-quality white velvet paper/cotton Hahnemuhle paper.

Numbered, signed, and with a certificate of authenticity.


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Jalinka Gressmann
Surrealism, Vintage
Other Art
20.00 inches wide
20.00 inches tall
0.00 inches deep
0.00 lbs
Amsterdam, NL