Amazonia Sagrada

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Amazonia Sagrada is an hommage to the sacred healers of the Amazonian rainforest.

Separation is an illusion, if you open up you not only see that everything is connected, you will feel it with your soul, hear the symphonies of the forest, smell the spirits and understand the deep symbiotic connection we are all longing for. This collage came intuitively. It’s just my love for the Amazon healers with their ancient wisdom and their deep connection with all the spirits

Nature inspires me the most of everything, it flows right back into my art. Micro macro worlds, fungi, deep-sea creatures, the connections, the details, the sacred, geometry, patterns, the hidden and “invisible” stuff, the respect, the diversity, the smells & sounds & colors, healing, wisdom, and peace and this symbiotic way of living and dying and living and repeat. We can learn so much from nature. But we don’t learn to listen/look and get disconnected the older we get, unfortunately.
So we become blind and deaf and don’t notice what we destroy.

10% of the sales will go to the non-profit organization “Amazon aid foundation”.

My work never sprouts from a concept, but just flows out of me. I create in the moment self.
Of course, during the day/night, many ideas can come up if I hear/see or smell something, my brain is a neverending associative source of creations. So creating at the moment does help me more to choose something, and puzzle with what I collected and chosen for 1 piece.
Especially collage making is one big puzzle. Which I love to solve. It's done when I feel a balance, good enough that it gives me a sense of peace.

Limited edition of 25. (24 left)
I also have a smaller size of 30x30cm, in a limited edition of 11, please ask if interested.

Digital Collage, Giclee print on high-quality white velvet paper/cotton Hahnemuhle paper.
Numbered, signed, and with a certificate of authenticity.

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Jennifer K Kiss

May 27, 2022

This is beautiful! I can't imagine printing on cotton paper or what that process is.

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Jalinka Gressmann

June 11, 2022

Thank you! I meant that the paper is made 50% of paper and 50% cotton! It's the giclee print technique.

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Jalinka Gressmann
Surrealism, Nature
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Amsterdam, NL