Teresa Selbee-Bakers painted collages are layered with memories, connections, flowers and hard edged shapes.  Each element creates personal recognition to a time and place the artist is attempting to connect to.  These puzzling and seemingly random compositions give voice to feminine identities.

Selbee-Bakers recent series of oil paintings have focused in on the making process and the idea standing in ones own feet.  She is inspired by surreal configurations, the concept of absurdism and submerging herself in the process of layering.  Primarily exploring the qualities of oil paint against the hard natural wood surface Teresa has a never ending curiosity of colour play and composition.  Selbee-Bakers art reflects a lack of connection to feminine rolls, a search for presence and finding an affinity in those rolls.

Teresa Selbee-Bakers artistic career began by completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Thompson Rivers University in 2006, she actively created and showed for a number of years until she hit pause to raise her family.  Teresas work has been featured on CBC Radio One-North by Northwest, print magazines as well as Local newspapers.

Since 2021 Teresa has been creating and pursuing professional art opportunities out of her home on Savary Island, BC.

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