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Teresa Selbee-Baker is a Savary Island BC, based painter and photographer.  Teresa was born in Clearwater BC, has lived in Kamloops BC, Bashaw AB, Sechelt BC and Halfmoon Bay BC before making the move to Savary Island two years ago.

Teresa received her BFA from Thompsons Rivers University in 2006, has showcased her work in Kamloops BC, Clearwater BC, Bashaw AB, Stettler AB and Sechelt BC.  Teresa has completed a half a dozen commissions.  The collection ‘I’m Fine’ was her first solo show in 2009 at Arnica Artist Run Gallery, Kamloops BC. The collection 'Invisible' was a solo show on Savary Island 2022.

Teresas work experiments with colour, layering and composition, often remarking on memories, dreams, self reflection and how these concepts intertwine.

Teresas work has been written about in local newspapers from Kamloops, Bashaw and Clearwater.  Her solo show ‘I’m Fine’ was featured as an interview with North by Northwest on CBC Radio One. Teresa is listed with and recently a work of Teresas was selected to be apart of Artist Talk Magazine (Online and Print). Teresa participated in a Virtual Artist Residency with Thrive Artist Studio in August 2021 and Feb 2022.