Blood Washing

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The title, “Blood Washing”, is a direct translation from the Kurdish language phrase for honor killing. The piece is a reflection of my internal dialogue of living with my fear, shame, and guilt. It is the result of complex images from my childhood memories of a groom showing proudly the proof of his bride’s virginity on a piece of cloth, memories of periodically hearing about people getting killed as a result of fornication, and images of the blood streaming down my face that night when I was running for my life.

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Steven Curtis
Steven Curtis Artist

February 03, 2022

I respond to this with horror, and appreciation for where you have been. Being in a culture that is a dichotomy of fear/intimidation and religious fervor has exacted a toll. You are very brave and honest to express yourself this way. Don't lose your vision, man.

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Huner Emin
Huner Emin Creator

February 04, 2022

Thank you so much! I try to be a visual storyteller. This piece has changed my vision and belief about what role art has in nowadays life. We need an honest conversation and expression of how hard and unjustice this world is becoming on so many levels.

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Huner Emin
Conceptual, Digital Art
Other Art
Oil, Rubber, Other, Soft Plastic, Wood
154.00 inches wide
48.00 inches tall
14.00 inches deep
150.00 lbs
Bloomington, IN, US