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Thalia Hernandez

Thalia Hernandez

Thalia Hernandez (b. 1997 New York, NY) is a hispanic (of Puerto Rican descent) multidisciplinary artist that relies on nostalgia and intuition as a blueprint for her paintings.When approaching the first stages of creating, Hernandez utilizes speed and immediacy that ultimately become crucial components to the framework. By laying down soft references of recognizable images and broken sentences, the work begins to double as a physical/visual train of thought. Her process begins to refine itself through layering and building up from the surface. Ranging from low relief paintings to flat illusions, the works intend to highlight depth inviting the viewer towards free interpretation and a sense of wanderlust. There is a vandalistic and unhinged attitude that translates through color choice, textures, and use of language.

Hernandez was raised in the Bronx and moved to Connecticut for her high school education. When living in the Bronx dance and music were the artist’s medium of choice, however towards the end of her high school career she expanded to the visual arts. The uprooting of her lifestyle and new exposure contribute to the feeling of displacement and ‘child-like’ seeking that show through in the work. Post high school Hernandez attended Pratt Institute graduating with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2019. Thalia currently maintains a heavy studio practice in Bridgeport, CT at Metro Art Studios.