Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, the crazy world that lived behind the buildings and parks where my friends and I would skate,  subconsciously influenced us as kids. The marks from graffiti covered trains and alleys that were left on my childhood seemed to leave no other choice but to become an artist. 

I was in awe of color, lines, shadows and the entire creation process.  I loved it as a kid and I still love it today. Even now as I remember that sharp smell of permanent black markers and spray paint I feel inspired to create. 

It really wasn’t until high school that people started to recognize me as an “Artist” - I didn’t really think of myself that way. The more I painted, the more the paintings transformed me. Art became a passion rather than a hobby and from that passion grew dedication and consistency.

Art is a path with an unknown destination. It will change you. It may scare you. It may even enlighten you.  When looked at in a nonlinear way art can unlock deep philosophy and previously undiscovered or unspoken truths. What I currently create could be considered abstract art but what it really is, is a way of looking at and responding to the modern world. 

And what is inspiration but a response to life, to death, to pain, to beauty?  I think as creatives we are always receiving inspiration - wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. And for me, most of the time that inspiration likes to organize itself and hit me as I lay down to sleep… maybe it’s because that is the time when the heart and mind are still.