Hi! Welcome to my page.

I'm a young artist from Uruguay, I do mostly realistic figurative artwork.

I'd like to identify myself as a draftsman and painter, but I recently discovered my passion for sculpting too.

Creating for me is a necessity, and it helps me to communicate with the world that is around me, being able to express things that I couldn't with words. Not only it's a tool to get my ideas out, but also, every time I sit to create something, it's a learning experience, a fight, and an opportunity to learn something new.

The main techniques you will find in my artwork are graphite and oils, I love the manner those techniques work, and the process of creating with them, therefore, sometimes when I want to experiment or try new things, I would use mixed techniques implementing other materials like acrylics, wash, watercolors and color pencils.


  • "Social Media And Mental Health"- Solo show

Instituto Nacional de la Juventud - 2021

  • Obra "The look of desire"- Group Exhibition

Espacio Cultural "Rodo" - 2021

  • Las Mujeres, La Mirada Y El Hilo Conductor - Group Exhibition

Instituto Nacional de la Juventud - 2022

  • Jóvenes Creadores 2022 - Group Exhibition

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Atchugarry - 2022


  • First Prize in Painting and Drawing.

  • Concurso "Obras de arte sobre Carlos Vaz Ferreira"