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Noelle Barr

Noelle Barr

Born in Guiyang, China, Noelle was adopted by two  Caucasian Americans and was raised in Southern California. Noelle is currently pursuing her master’s degree at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts. Her area of specialization is in 19th-century French painting, in which she aims to deconstruct the sociocultural and economic intersections of music and art while applying a post-feminist and critically theoretical lens. 

Noelle's artistic pursuits intersect with her personal role as an advocate for racial equity, women’s rights, and progressive changes in the arts as an institution. Most recently, she has created a series of works in response to the rise of AAPI hate crimes, catalyzed by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, as an expression of her identity as a transracial adoptee and Asian American woman.