Born in Jalisco, Mexico, Mauricio Zuniga moved to Chicago at age 13. Mo, as his friends call him, is a combination of dreams and Mexican charm. Creative from an early age and with a keen eye for the different and the beautiful, Zuniga began curating galleries in different parts of the U.S. He uses materials purposely indicative of construction sites, including wall plaster, varnish and house paint acrylics, imbuing his pieces with both a subjective symbolism and a forceful aesthetic.

His work combines two styles of painting - cubism and surrealism. Most of his artwork, which has received international recognition, is richly textured. He wants people not only to experience it visually, but also -as counterintuitive as it may seem- to touch his paintings.

For 15 years Mo volunteers at the Kansas City Art Council to help them identify new talents for their Now Show program. He has also served as curator of the art exhibits during the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's Fiesta Kansas City. His volunteer work has introduced him to different, talented people. Along the way, he found places to exhibit his own art, including The Late Show, Brandon Jacob and the Grand Gallery. In 2015 he was awarded the ArtsKC Virtuoso Award and in 2021 he received recognition as an outstanding artist in the second day of artists abroad by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico.