K.J. Snoes

K.J. Snoes

K.J. Snoes grew up in rural Michigan climbing through old, abandoned barns, gathering wildflowers in the woods behind her house, and sitting in silence at the edges of a nearby wetland listening to the lonely loon calls as dusk settled. Curious by nature, she found friends in books and feral kittens and the occasional tree as she explored her childhood world.

She attended Hillsdale College receiving a Bachelor's degree in Fine Art while minoring in Literature. Being focused mainly on oil painting in college, she continued exploring different mediums finally settling comfortably into ink, acrylic paint, and poetry. As was the case when she was a child, books and trees and all of nature continue to fascinate and inspire her work.

​From the artist:

"Line intrigues me. The way that it can create depth on the page because of its existence. The way it can merge into letters and poetry and story. The way it can move the eye of the viewer wherever the creator chooses. The way it can represent movement. Line can tell us so much or it can tell us next to nothing at all."