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Joel Cohen moved to Florida 23 years ago to open an art gallery in Palm Beach following a 30+year career in the New York advertising and marketing business as an art director/creative director and agency owner. 


As a board member of the Soho Photo Gallery in Tribeca, NYC for over 15 years, he was immersed into the fine art photography world.


Joel’s fine art photography has been featured in many publications and is in private and corporate collections in Europe and the U.S. including Showtime Network and the permanent collection of Avon Corporation in New York.


As a trained graphic designer Joel’s vision has always leaned towards images with a strong graphic element and usually powerful colors and/or shapes. Shapes, shadows, textures and angles are the essence of his art. Looking thru a camera viewfinder since the age of twelve has trained him to see images worth recording dozens of times each day. His graphic design background heavily influences the images he shoots. This visual training has enabled him to evolve as a photographic artist. Manipulation is kept to a minimum and composition is all done in the viewfinder to preserve the integrity of the image. 


The success of his work is the result of learning to see the image thru the eye of the camera.