My paintings and collages are arranged intuitively, via the orchestration of painterly elements in a call-and-response process. In both methods I arrange vivid hues alongside subtle tones, or rich and opaque passages with translucent glazes. These elements overlap, intertwine, and accentuate each other.

The paintings resemble landscape and aeronautic environments, and include a process of excavating brushstroke textures, often revealing stunning color "conversations" and entanglements and ghost imagery.

The collages tend toward a mode of portraiture and still life, with a central figure that resembles dancers, floral arrangements, and vehicles. They are painted on paper, and then cut out of one context, and infused into new contexts on cradled wood panels.


Jeremy Rabus is a painter who lives and works in St. Louis, MO. After Jeremy spent his early childhood in the northern suburbs of the Gateway City he moved to the deserts of Arizona with his family, a picturesque setting that displayed profoundly beautiful sunsets, denim-blue skies, and abundant cacti. Rabus returned to the STL area, eventually graduating from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville with a degree in painting.

Rabus has exhibited in several solo and group shows in NYC, Miami, Boston, LA, Atlanta, Columbus, OH, and his hometown of St. Louis. He also has served as a studio facilitator at Living Arts Studio in Maplewood, assisting and creating with member artists with disablilites. He recently completed an artist-in-residence program with Forsyth School. His studio is located in St. Louis, MO.