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J Maskrey

J Maskrey

J Maskrey is an abstract painter, she lives and works in Los Angeles , California. 

Her paintings connect her inner emotions with what she sees in nature. A great lover of travelling , she draws her inspiration from the beauty of America . J mostly paints with a palette knife , applying layers and layers of impasto paint onto the canvas, after the first layer of paint is dried, she will then go back to the canvas and keep building the layers. the paintings are richly textured and full of emotion. Due to the complexities of her art work , currently she produced no more than 20 pieces of art each  year.  She takes inspiration from great artist such as Van Gogh , Edvard Munch and Mark Rothko.

After attending university in Auckland, New Zealand , J wanted to paint . She decided to go to London in the 90’s to study make up , so she can paint on people’s faces. She began her career in the fashion and beauty industry as a make up artist , she was a  successful , creative and innovative make up artist, during that time, her work was featured in international magazines, such as ID, Dazed and Confused , Elle, Vogue and many more. In year 2000 , she came up with the concept of stick on jewellery ,she is internationally recognised for her intricate and beautiful designs. As a make up artist and designer , J has collaborated with some of the world’s most prominent fashion and beauty houses, such as Alexander McQueen , Givenchy , Marc Jacobs , Estee Lauder , MAC Cosmetics and many more .  Vogue magazine once described her work as — “ resting somewhere between art and fashion ‘ . Bono , lead singer of U2 once described J - “ J Maskrey is a very big idea wrapped in a tiny little diamond package “.

Since moving to Los Angeles , California in 2019 , J  made the commitment to devote her time on what she loves most — making art . Her goals are to see her art work in museums all over the world.