"I am an abstract artist who creates paintings that are intended to heal people's spiritual and emotional wounds. My spiritual gift is to intuit emotion and mood-based messages that come through communion with God. These messages often appear on the canvas as colors, symbols, and shapes. Each painting I create is intended for a specific person, whether I get to know them through the commission process or I create a painting that will eventually find them serendipitously. As I paint, I receive and interpret the person and their needs through feelings that become visual messages on the canvas.  

My life’s journey has been about recognizing the need to preserve my own individuality, and is centered around desires to be joyful and feel spiritually whole. I hope my paintings bring others to also feel these things. I have a deep desire to love people and to connect to them through my artwork. My paintings represent the moods and emotions of their unique stories and circumstances, and are meant to divinely heal them through love, to remind them of their own unique personal strength, and the power of transformational healing."  -