Washington Eloy Chavez has been a New Yorker since age seven, when his family relocated to the Bronx from Ecuador. He had to skip one year of high school to save up enough money for his mom to be able to bring his brother later on to New York City. In 1993, he graduated from Parsons University with a degree in Fine Arts and Education. He now works as a teacher and interpreter in order to support his artistic endeavors. Currently he maintains a studio in the Bronx.

The evolution of his work has been developing for years. He’s lived in New York City and moving around made him see a lot of the city. He was voluntarily homeless for a while. Crashing here and there it was around this time he began writing and The Broken Skyline series was born. Around 2015 he began to stabilize his life because he wanted to get back into a studio setting, which he has maintained thus far. 

He has shown his work in group and solo exhibitions in galleries throughout New York City over the years. But the real accomplishments for him have not been about getting shows. After his expose known as So Many Galleries, (please see link below) around 2009 he was disillusioned and left approaching galleries behind him. Of course, he kept creating art and found the art novella genre as an oasis in reaching an audience.


The art novellas are his new favorite venue to showcase his work. Through it he can bring the art to the reader in the comfort of their own home and apply various mixed media harmoniously.