Denise Charles (A.K.A BLU) owner of Blu Tattoo is recognized for working with a wide spectrum of creative mediums including: tattooing, painting, illustration, and digital design. The epitome of a visual artist that utilizes all of her talents to create something thought provoking and intriguing. Blu specializes in painting vivid portraits on a variety of surfaces, she has played a hand in the branding of major corporations and local start-ups.

To quote her best. “I am the imagination creator, I can create anything...on anything... with anything.” Heavily influenced by hip hop, pan African-ism and alchemy her raw, unique style of color blending and visually shocking concepts have set her apart from other artists. A visual communicator through a variety of platforms she has a fundamental need to always be creative.

“I am on a quest to tap into the universal elixir.... a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation, interpreted and shared from a hip-hop perspective.” -Blu