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Carolina Caples

Carolina Caples

I was born in Guadalajara Mexico in 1971. My mother is American and my father is Mexican. My parents split when I was very young, so I came to Tucson and grew up here as an only child. I had a ton of time to myself and found that I loved to draw. Creating an image on paper was very exciting to me. In college, I initially thought I would pursue a degree in graphic design to have a practical career but I took one painting class and was hooked! I couldn’t believe you could make this fluid substance into an image.

Around this time, I became obsessed with reconnecting with my family in Mexico and started painting about it. Painting was the perfect way to express myself with whatever was going on in my life. It was pure magic and I have continued this practice ever since.

I am continually learning and it is my greatest passion. It has gotten me through life’s ups and downs. As long as I’m painting or creating images, I know I am serving my life purpose.

Eventually, I did also become a graphic designer and I now face paint as well. I currently live in Tucson, AZ with my teenage son and two small dogs.