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Quantum Space

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Quantum Space in "Dimensions" collection.

Acrylic paint on wood 4 pieces of 25cm x 25cm x 2cm

It is designed so that you can hang it as you like, infinite possibilities for your view.

Inspiration for my artwork :

Stephen Hawking tried to define the workings of the universe.

He created the String theory, and according to this theory, there are 11 dimensions of the universe. In this hyperspace there could be as many universes as possible combinations. These dimensions are connected through branes, threads, which flow with the cosmos. This collection also represents the possibility of the multiple universes that exist, with microcosms that function separately and yet are connected to each other, expanding beyond physical limits.

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!piece @user #hashtag

August 29, 2022

The scenery of this painting fits perfectly with the subject. The color combination looks beautiful.

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Nataline Pomar
Abstract, Conceptual
Painting - Unframed
Wood Panel, Acrylic, Canvas
39.37 inches wide
39.37 inches tall
0.78 inches deep
5.00 lbs
Barcelona, BARCELONA, ES