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Your ability to paint and create artwork is impressive.

The scenery of this painting fits perfectly with the subject. The color combination looks beautiful.

Your work always inspires me to do great, true artists you are.

wow, explosion of stars and colors. It has two dimensions and depth if I look/focus on stars, I can imagine colors above them. #greatartist #colorfulartist #colors #stars

Another great artwork, really love your creativity and artistic vision, you are so talenty. #talent #artisticvision #connected #universe

Embi responded on Veronica

Wow, it makes me remember "Stranger Things" standing clock and Vecna relation. Totally opposite of this concept. I mean, your standing clock represents beauty, colorful world and it is great that it start with "Ve" capitals. #creativity #art #concept #strangerthings #vecna #colorfulworld

Extraordinary scultupre and concept. Congrats! #world #earth #artist

Awesome artwork and feeling which artist is trasmitting through with

I enjoy lot your collection. Congrats!

Embi responded on Portal

Really amazing! If I focus on stars/blackside of artwork, I can see how it is layered with colors. I can feel the power of colors and universe presence. #art #universe #colors