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I wanted to give personality to a watch without the machinery that was abandoned in the street.

On the outside it is a sculpture full of fantasy and colors, but when you open it you discover its wonderful inner world.

Responses (3)

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Florencia Artist

December 20, 2022

Congratulations @veronica ! You have the most expensive piece in the whole Altamira website. Would love to see how that light turns on, consider some pictures of it. Also, what does it mean to reconstruct an abandoned clock and what is that fantasy world about? It reminds me of 80's graphic design and the whole American TV sitcom aesthetics that are very much back in fashion-- what are these aesthetic elements to you and why did you choose them as the facade for the sculpture? Great work! Thanks for sharing, hope these questions help. #repurposedmaterials #sculpture

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Paulina Artist

September 29, 2022

Really interesting concept and also very creative and playful. Really enjoyed looking at the pictures and also learning about your thoughts behind the creation. #femaleartist #contemporaryart

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August 08, 2022

Wow, it makes me remember "Stranger Things" standing clock and Vecna relation. Totally opposite of this concept. I mean, your standing clock represents beauty, colorful world and it is great that it start with "Ve" capitals. #creativity #art #concept #strangerthings #vecna #colorfulworld

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Nataline Pomar
Abstract, Conceptual
15.75 inches wide
67.00 inches tall
11.02 inches deep
20.00 lbs
Barcelona, BARCELONA, ES