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"Life & Death"

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I was inpired by A bunch of Irises and had to paint my Idea. Each piece is 48x19.75x1" .Can be sold seperately but they were meant to be together.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

May 02, 2022

Robert Petrick’s "Life & Death" is a testament to how masterfully wrought simplicity can convey the most complex and challenging of ideas. Notions that excite and terrify the mind to a certain degree are best expressed through simplicity. Is there anything we return to and dwell on more than life and death? Is there anything that has motivated science, art, religion, and philosophy more than the inescapability of creation and annihilation? We are consumed by the idea and construct of beginnings and ends, not only because considerations of life and death are baked into culture, understandably interesting and worrisome, but perhaps primarily because they confront us at every turn. I am a big fan of flowers. I am attracted to them to a fault when I reflect on how much money and time I spend on them. When your house is filled with flowers, it is filled with death; a living death, a colorful display of life from something that we trick into maintaining a veneer of existence. What a macabre urge to surround ourselves with living death, but how apt a metaphor for the Sisyphean cycle of our time on earth. Perhaps the only way to transcend and delay the inevitable is to enshrine it in art that will last far beyond the limited scope of a lifetime.

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Robert Petrick
Robert Petrick Creator

May 03, 2022

Nice, It gives me grat pleasure to hear the analysis of my work and your words take my effort to a higher level. Thanks John.

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Robert Petrick
Impressionism, Conceptual
Painting - Unframed
Acrylic, Canvas
39.50 inches wide
48.00 inches tall
1.00 inches deep
4.00 lbs