"Construction Series untitled"

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This is from my ongoing construction series. This piece is full of action and bold composition moves. Painted on a half inch thick wood panel.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

March 21, 2022

A celebration of color and form, Robert Petrick’s "Construction Series untitled" is a delightful musical romp through abstraction. A bright acrylic display of blues, oranges, and greens dominate the canvas, while white, black, and navy hard-edged lines collide and overlap in a geometric dance across the surface. The painting is rhythmic and musical, a visual representation of a stirring jazz ensemble. It has kinetic energy that is infectious and elevating.

Even though the work is brimming with dynamic forms, Petrick tactfully uses restraint in his mark-making. He fills the canvas but does not clutter it, so the shapes maintain individuality, and the viewer can appreciate the painting without being overwhelmed. Abstraction is the only visual medium that can convey the experience of music, and Petrick does so with grace and mastery.

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Robert Petrick
Robert Petrick Creator

March 21, 2022

Thanks for the words, John. I like and agree with your musical analogy.

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Robert Petrick
Abstract, Conceptual
Painting - Unframed
Acrylic, Canvas
24.00 inches wide
20.00 inches tall
0.50 inches deep
6.00 lbs