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Drew Glazer

Drew Glazer


Llanes “Above All Perspectives” explores the multidimensional scape of living. The composition is divided horizontally between two atmospheres. An elongated house reaches from the bottom of the canvas and arrives through the snowy surface amongst the trees, peaking into the sky. Perspective plays a dual role in this painting. Firstly, and most visually obvious, is the two-point perspective house in the foreground.

A house is a symbol of many things, it’s a valued personal space and may reflect one’s success in life. It may also be a familial and protected space of physical and emotional shelter, a home.

Beyond the multifaceted composition, a deep and mysterious vastness encompasses the background. Diving further, many planes offer deeper interpretations. The focal interpretation of perspective is a perpetual and evolving journey of dynamical stages of awareness. Alternating windows vertically climb the house symbolizing these stages.

The centric value here is the variegated meanings of a house.

Above all, is the sometimes-extensive journey it may take to build that space one may call “home.”   

Uzo’s “Journey Through Mixed Episodes” externally articulates the architecture of the internal world. It is a perceptive entanglement of existence. The painting of mixed sensitivities prompts an earthly yet celestial awareness; it reflects a mathematical, even biological sense in its reference, and yet it is free in its will for momentum; flow. This is a composition of balanced contrast with a grounding foundation and strong navigation through space.

Drawn here is a parallel between the underground realm, one of the physical, terrestrial, and into the mental, intangible territories of the unconscious mind. Through the technical layers of mixed mediums, lays memory and stimulating puzzled trains of thought. I feel a sense of creation here that, to me, expresses the core of creation, as if this painting is an image of the station of pure incubation. 

Near the top corner, I notice the resemblance of a skeleton-esque structure, seemingly floating upwards, buoying from below. This spinal figure hovers over some kind of blue being, perhaps a meditative fetus of some sort. Peacefully in concentration the being rests, sacred and animate, it emanates shades of royal blue. It is cradled and complimented by golds and rich yellows. What pushes the sacrality beyond color is the embellishment of gold, draping like jewelry. My mind can almost imagine an entire gown. The being is nestled above this underground system of orderly chaos. There is a spiral that peels below, organic and fluid. 

I sense importance descending from the head, this dark blue cap with a funnel pointing downwards, pouring out like the fluidity of imagination. It motions the spread or leak of information as the underground network of tree roots. I feel this is the detail that informs the paramount of the piece. 

Arrows and lines push the eye down into roughly painted blue crevices, only soon to be swept under by deep and dark gestures of what may express roots, symbolizing connection.

This painting emulates symbols of growth, the cycling of new and old information, birth, expansion and retraction. There is significance in the elemental details, such as the use of primary colors and their shades. Texture is an ever-present principle, as it depicts a variety of emotions through the painting. The artist demonstrates great sensibilities of weight in the deep blues and heavy, grounding reds, all in cohesive contrast to the lack of pigment and texture.

Perhaps this piece consists of a multitude of emotional states of mind. It is bright and warm like the sun that gives life to the sky, dark and cool as the deep rest of the underworld. It is smooth yet rough, deep like the earth’s ground, and light like the earth’s atmosphere. With droplets of blue that appear to be trapped in their own vessel-like pockets, they mold themselves into their space, creating a break from the dense layer they emerge from. 

Airy textures occupy the spaces in-between the bundled depths of matter. It is raw, like our world, and as one’s mind. A spiral near the center is inward and intricate in its pattern, as the motion of thoughts may be. As the spiral continues outward it becomes abstracted into geometric squares, connected yet broken, patched. Division is present in the forms, as the squares are dissected into triangles.

A flower or an umbrella-like figure grows upwards and then drops down. Emerging from the floral stem is a budding cluster of nuclei, tightly interworked. The sections of this piece are structured and flowing about themselves like veins in the body, pushing around information and circulating, giving life and energy to itself, its vessel.

Continuous and cyclical, never stagnant, as is everything in life. The movement of the arrows direct flow throughout the painting, cool blues echoing water, 

the technical elements implicate impressions of the earth.

I view this work as a metaphor, a poetic depiction of existence. The reading of this visually complex painting is not limited to sadness, rather it is emotionally all-encompassing. 

This piece is rich in its abstract formality and its concept-enkindled nature. 

I contemplate the surface, only to realize that the surface in itself is an illusion. Rather, it is a portal to something beyond, something deeper, something that may also be in disguise as itself. An operation, a system of circulation and irrigation, seemingly so complicated/intricate that it must be performing/operating, giving life to, something beyond what is presented. Each and every element within the composition is dedicating their mere existence to something purposefully greater than their own work. 

“Journey Through Mixed Episodes” fosters an abundance of psychological interpretations. A bleeding psyche washed and returned by nature, it’s sad, it's beautiful, and so, it is. Honest and raw; simultaneously spiritual and physical, this work represents the divine and grotesque essence of creation.

Not only is this painting aesthetically pleasing, it is one where the viewer can delve into for hours with refreshing discovery.