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How to be a Surrealist Poet


In order to be a surrealist poet, one must have a strong imagination that allows them to create beautiful images and words. The surrealist technique involves combining existing images with new ones to create something entirely new. It's like playing a game of connect-the-dots on the canvas of reality: sometimes you'll find the same dot over and over again, but each time you discover another one in its place, it's just as interesting as the last time.

Be free in your mind and body.

The Surrealists encouraged freedom of thought, expression and action.

Freedom of thought: The Surrealists believed that the mind is its own place to live in and nobody else has any right to influence it. They also believed that one’s imagination is unlimited so you should use it as much as possible to create your own unique world or reality by thinking freely about anything you want.

Freedom of expression: The Surrealists believe art should be free from any kind of censorship or restriction because creativity requires total freedom from any external influence such as social restrictions or moral principles; this means an artist can express himself/herself freely without worrying about what other people think about his/her work (or vice versa).

Freedom to be yourself: If there are no limits on what kind of thoughts can come into your head then it will be easier for them (and yourself) than if there were rules set down by society telling them how they should act etcetera but when these kinds of rules start appearing again after years later then we realize soon enough how limiting these things really were because compared with now where people have more choices available than ever before yet still feel trapped within their lives due mostly due lack thereof knowledge about various subjects such as science fiction novels written by Hugo Gernsback back during 1920s which contained stories set decades earlier than ours today where technology existed before electricity was invented."

Ask yourself questions, then answer them.

If you're a surrealist poet, it's important to ask yourself questions. You might not know what your next project should be, or how to go about writing a poem about a dead dog. But if you can think of something that seems unrelated—like how many times has your alarm gone off in the morning?—then by all means ask it! You'll be surprised at how much thought these little questions will give you; they may lead directly into topics for future poems or even new directions in your career as an artist.

But don't just ask questions because they're fun and interesting—the point is to actually get something out of them. For example: What does meaning look like? Does meaning have any shape at all? How do we know when something has true meaning? These types of questions aren't meant only for poets who want their work to mean something greater than itself; they're meant for anyone who wants answers from life itself

Allow your subconscious to have an effect on your poems.

The subconscious is a powerful tool that can be accessed by writing in a stream of consciousness, dream journaling and keeping a journal at night. The subconscious allows you to tap into your feelings, desires, wishes and fears. When you allow yourself to write from this place of pure emotion, it will begin to shape itself into poetry for you.

Recognize beauty and reveal it to others through the surrealist technique of juxtaposition.

Surrealist poetry is not about the meaning of words, but about the way they sound. It's a technique that reveals beauty and reveals it to others through the surrealist technique of juxtaposition.

Surrealist poems are not meant to reveal something profound or profound, but instead reveal some aspect of life that shocks or surprises us with its beauty and originality. The reader can only experience this if you're willing to accept your own understanding as limited in comparison with theirs—and if you're willing to give up any idea they might have about what makes something beautiful or meaningful (or even just vaguely interesting).

Do not fear the abstract; be willing to experiment with new words and new ways of combining them.

But be willing to experiment with new words and new ways of combining them. If you’re writing in English, try using a word that doesn’t exist in your native language; if you’re writing in French, try using an unfamiliar word from another language altogether. If your work is rejected by an editor or publisher because of its use of this or that particular combination of words, then so be it—you will have learned something about the limits of language and how best to use it.

If there are any rules at all when it comes to writing poetry, they should be broken as often as possible: Surrealism demands it!

Break free from the world around you by freeing your poem from convention.

Surrealist poetry is a way of seeing the world. It's a way of living life, and it's a way of expressing yourself. It can be used as an exploration into your subconscious, or as an honest way to be yourself in front of others.

Surrealist poetry takes you outside of yourself; it takes you somewhere else—a place where anything seems possible and everything makes sense at once, but only because there's no logic behind those things being true (or untrue). Surrealism isn't about being weird for weirdness' sake; rather than trying to create something bizarre just because it has never been done before, surrealist poets seek out new ways of looking at things so that they aren't simply recognized by their contemporaries as strange but instead stand out on their own merit alone


Surrealist poetry is not for everyone, but if you think about it, the world is full of surrealism. We live in a world where people strive for perfection and put restrictions on what they do and how they think. Surrealism can help you break free from these conventions by encouraging you to explore new ways of expressing yourself through writing or art.

Responses (1)

!piece @user #hashtag
J’Atelier9 Artist

October 07, 2022

I appreciate that surrealism & poetry allows one to be a FREE THINKER, an imaginative expression outside of our programming, conditioning, judgment, controversy, the expected decency.

Yet the irony when Ye debuted his fashion show with the WLM/White Lives Matter shirts to express that BLM is a hoax; there was such outrage, criticism, disgust, and drama. Many gasped, many were offended, some laughed, some ridiculed, some understood his mockery and cynicism. I actually found humor and truth to his narrative.

There are always multiple sides to poetry, surrealism, interpretations, experimentation, exploration, free thinking, breaking barriers, and creating alternative perspectives.

And he states, do not kill the poet..

Do not hate the player, hate the game.

So I would say surrealist poetry the at the heart of all artistry.

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