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Brad Pitt, Artist?

Brad Pitt Exhibits work in Finland

Alongside Australian musician Nick Cave, Brad Pitt exhibited sculptures for the first time at the Sara Hilden Art Museum, in Finland. Renowned sculpturist Thomas Houseago convinced the Sara Hilden Art Museum to let his friends exhibit alongside him. Pitt's work is described as brutally honest. “It’s about, you know, where have I gotten it wrong in my relationships? Where have I misstepped? Where I am complicit?” he said.

“It was borne out of ownership of really what I call a radical inventory of self, getting really, brutally honest with me and ... taking account of those I may have hurt and moments I’ve just gotten wrong.”

Aiming At You I Saw Me But It Was Too Late This Time (2020)

Bronze Coffin

Man at Desk

Silicon House with Bullets

Bark House

So is Brad Pitt an Artist?

Judging by the pictures, we think very much yes, but Altamira is all about critical conversation and debate around art. What do you think? Do you have any problems with the exhibition or the circumstances around it? How about the work itself? Good? Bad? Otherwise?

Responses (3)

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Jairo Dealba
Jairo Dealba Artist

September 29, 2022

I find it hard to believe that an actor and philanthropist as wealthy as Brad would be able to create something as meaningful and deep rooted as him. But, alas, I am wrong. He is delivering something that is unique. It is something that finds purpose and invites others to understand themselves. Much too often, we, as beholders and witnesses, find the only desription that we find suitable for art of this caliber, he is just a rich actor with connections. Art in itself is the same as nature, it runs its own course. We have convinced ourselves that we as a race know somewhat the answer to the great question, what is art? it is the biggest simplicity that we could ever flow through. The question of Art is related to the nature of our existence. We create in order to understand our imperfections, our trials, etc. We try making sense of everything that belongs to us, or at least we think. This is the perfect point that drives the nail, Brad Pitt is not a God, nor is he a man above the rest. It is shown here that he is capable of noticing his mistakes and strive towards perfection by the way he knows how, Artistic expression.

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J’Atelier9 Artist

October 07, 2022

Brad is most definitely a multi-dimensional introspective artist. His artistry stretches from A list actor, expressionist, visionary, production company, vineyard investor, and entrepreneur with new men's luxe fashion line. His attention to artisan details and high quality output are apparent throughout his work and projects.

Actually, I feel he is often overlooked for his artistry due to his global fame and attractive appearance. Yet, he delivers each time he showcases his competence and craft. I respect him more for the expansive reach of his versatility and impressive artistry. He seems to always deliver more that what people would anticipate..

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Amy Daileda
Amy Daileda Artist

September 27, 2022

I enjoy seeing what artists produce when they use different mediums. There is definitely some power in these pieces!

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J’Atelier9 Artist

September 23, 2022

So glad you published this after we discussed Brad's exhibit. He's had an incredibly illustrious career in the field of Arts. I appreciate that he's been an avid fan and interconnected to fine art. I think his introspection, retrospection, redemption, repentance is the most beautiful aspect of the his artistry. He's done the hard and his mindfulness + self awareness has been an insightful interpretation and narrative!!! He's on fire..


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