Nature's Canvas

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Fan - 4 Expert - 3

An original, realistic seascape with shells, a breaking wave and lofty clouds. Starting in the foreground with the highly detailed mussel shells, they are iridescent and you feel as though you could pick one up right out of the sand. There are rocks, seaweed and beautiful line patterns left in the sand by the crashing surf. The wave has so much depth, I painted in lots of layers to create this effect. There are places where the shells and rocks look like they are underwater and places where they look like they are sitting on the wet sand. Soft white reflections are cast by different layers of surf. Beyond the wave is soft light filtering through the clouds onto the sea. The clouds have subtle reflected light in soft hues of red, orange, yellow and violet. This painting is very calming to look at.  
The story of this painting started when I took a day trip one morning to Crescent Beach in Southern California. A storm had just passed and the clouds were moving out to sea. The storm waves had deposited a lot of shells and seaweed on the beach. I took a lot of photos to paint from and did a painting on location to capture the colors accurately. I used the photos and on location painting to create this large, beautiful work. You can message me a photo of your room + the horizontal dimension of the wall and I can use it to create a mock up of what the painting would look like hanging on your wall.
This painting comes wired and ready to hang. Oil on canvas panel, 33 x 48 inches. The painting is varnished and signed by me.

This original artwork is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


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Kristen Olson Stone
Figurative, Landscape
Painting - Unframed
48.00 inches wide
33.00 inches tall
1.50 inches deep
9.00 lbs
Palm Desert, CA, US