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The combination of the human figure in juxtaposition with nature (either aggressive or passive), always brings out the best in creativity for me. This is the start of a series of humankind glimpses into nature. Never know when the series will be over. It's also unusual for me in that it is totally a digital manipulation via Wacom tablet and many...many layers, using a combination of various tools including Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro, as well as pieces of my own photography of course.

The "happy accident" that occurs along the way in the creation of a piece like this, changes the course of what you're doing. For instance, in this one, the "eye" we see on the right (her left eye), is really not her eye, but it just so happened to be the head of one of the poppies in the placed photo. It was a problem at first because it was too far to our right, and yet looked like an eye, so it made it look like she had an eye that was too far in front of where it should be. So...I move her entire head (which included her underlying 6 other layers, etc), and Voila! It changed the nature of the entire balance of the composition, much to my liking, and hopefully yours.

Size? Well, it's digital original is 85 inches wide, do the math. Will offer these as prints only. The price here is for a color matte photo print 16x30 inches, mailed in a tube for you to frame. If you desire other sizes, we'll have to negotiate.



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Steven Curtis
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30.00 inches wide
16.00 inches tall
0.00 inches deep
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Randolph, WI, US