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From the vegetable series.

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Timothy Craig
Timothy Craig Artist

June 09, 2022

Thank You for your time and work.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

May 05, 2022

What is more interesting, a straight path or an intricate labyrinth? Who would you rather talk to at a dinner party, someone who went in one direction their entire life or someone who tried and experienced a diversity of directions? Speaking for myself, I am far more drawn to the nuance and variety of exploration than the single-minded and unchanging nature of absolute consistency (with this in mind, some of the people and historical figures I admire most were adamant in the adherence to unwavering principles and that adherence is what I find most inspiring). Carlos Mateu’s Kiwi is an expression of variety and change. The center is a glowing, enigmatic, and celestial presence and not merely the foreseeable end to a foreseeable journey. Without complexity, life and art would be very dull.

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Carlos Mateu
Geometric, Still Life
Painting - Framed
Acrylic, Egg Tempera, Canvas
24.00 inches wide
24.00 inches tall
1.50 inches deep
3.00 lbs
Brooklyn, NY, US