Morning Fog

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This original painting is on canvas with acrylic paint and mixed media including ink, graphite. Most of my theme is from natural sources and seasons. One early morning I experienced a full of fog in my garden and it inspired me to move on. I hope the viewers could feel the same as my feeling of mystery in nature. The painting has been awarded Honorable Mention by www.artroomgalleryonline International Art Competition and Exhibition/ Oct 2020 The painting is signed and framed ready to hang.

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Claire Townsend

November 11, 2021

'A morning Fog' by Kyungsoo Lee is is unique in it's colour and texture.

The artist is primarily concerned with abstract yet organic, nature inspired pieces, with strong graphite detailing and this is one of her finest.

The contrast of the deep browns with delicate ethereal pinks against the almost neon yellow is an evocative story of nature awakening after a cool night. The artist's colour choices of brown and yellow are bold and exciting, and fight with each other in a unque way, while the pale pinks envelope them reminiscent of a oversized flowers or morning fog, after which the painting is named.

The intimate fine graphite details add a wonderful sense of urgency and movement over an organic piece that seems to recall the calm nature.

The use of scribble and layering of colours is remniscent of Cy Twomby, yet it's use of layering of texture and multimedia feels incredibly contemporary, which I'm sure in person is even more pronouned and ingriguing than on a screen.

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kyungsoo lee
kyungsoo lee Creator

November 11, 2021

Thank you for being a great critic for me and I truly appreciate your time.

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Lynne Taetzsch

October 29, 2021

I love the subtle color changes and rich texture of Morning Fog. The painting is abstract, yet conveys the natural world. The line work adds a lot to the texture and composition.

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kyungsoo lee
Painting - Framed
Acrylic, Ink
12.00 inches wide
12.00 inches tall
1.50 inches deep
4.00 lbs
Murrieta, CA, US