A Small Drama: Satyr

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The Small Drama series of archival, limited edition, digital prints shows disheveled, and fragile figures interacting with unsettled environments. Organic forms grow intertwined and unpredictable. The images are drawn, then erased, worked, then reworked, constructed and then deconstructed. Edition size: twenty five plus three artists proofs. This print is 1 of 25. The prints are printed on heavy weight, matte paper. Website: jimpearson.net

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

March 17, 2022

Mysterious, genre-challenging, and mind-bending, Jim Pearson’s A Small Drama: Satyr is an intriguing digital artwork that exchanges a pen for a mouse. The hard lines of the detailing coupled with the equally amorphous and diffused digital mark-making provide a depth to the work that belies its tree-dimensional nature. While the picture maintains a visual coherency, it is a composite work made up of many images and abstract gestures overlapping each other. Of course, most artworks could be described as such, but A Small Drama: Satyr’s cryptic surface takes this artistic practice of compiling layers of images to new heights with the phantasmagoric forms it holds within. Pearson teases out so many shades of gray from his black and white palette that the viewer can get lost in the tonal complexity of the work to the same degree they could succumb to a kaleidoscopic painting.

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Jim Pearson
Jim Pearson Creator

March 18, 2022


Thank you for your beautifully written and insightful critique.

Jim Pearson

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Jim Pearson
Figurative, Digital Art
Work on Paper - Unframed
Ink, Paper
8.00 inches wide
5.00 inches tall
0.10 inches deep
3.00 lbs
Lawrenceville, IL, US