If one were to view a Venn diagram showing overlapping circles of Geometric Abstraction, Expressionism, and Pop Art, the area directly in the middle of the three, one would find the art of W.S. Cranmore. His artworks are known for their distinctive patterns, bold lines and borders, and untraditional composition.

To date, his artworks have been subject of three solo exhibitions and have participated in over a dozen group exhibitions in the U.S. W.S. Cranmore has appeared in online and published art magazines and blogs, has completed art for album covers, and can be found in public and private collections in five countries and eleven U.S. states, including the collection of singer/songwriter Elvis Costello.

Besides his own art practice, W.S. Cranmore is the founder/director/curator of Halluce Fine Art and a former member of the Milwaukie Arts Committee. He enjoys time with his family and is an Irish language enthusiast.

Newly discovered favorite works