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veronique sapin

veronique sapin

Véronique Sapin is a visual artist (videos, installations, photos, ink, artist-books). Since 1995, her artworks participated in more than 250 events in forty countries (galleries, museums, art centers, biennials, festivals).


Véronique Sapin is also curator and co-founder with the american artist C. M. Judge of the international women artists collective FemLink-Art since 2005. One hundred and forty three (143) artists from sixty three (63) countries have agreed to participate. She has initiated important partnerships with institutions such as Unesco for the video training of women artists from the African continent.



Dance has occupied all of Veronique Sapin's free time during fifteen years of intensive practice and guiged her first professional projects before turning into  a questioning of movement, its trace and its memory, through all her artistic productions.



Because movement can generate the unknown, it serves as a vocabulary for the artist to talk about our lives in balance - the central theme of his work - between certainty and doubt, strength and vulnerability.



Video appeared quite naturally as the ideal medium to apprehend, capture, circumscribe and participate to the movement. The manipulation of the video image has become for the artist an act of choreography of forms and their lines.



The artist applies the same research to the still images that she extracts from her videos according to their "essential" quality as for an essential oil. She intervenes on the substance of their forms and their lines and put them  in a choreography. The characters and the objects evolve in the light as if in weightlessness.



Véronique Sapin translates this aesthetic choice with a work on the contrast and on the erasure of parts of the image. By equalizing the points of interest of the image, the artist allows each element to disengage from itself and to find the point of balance between falling and flying.

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