Born in Philadelphia and growing up in Southern New Jersey. Valerie Pantalone is a painter of landscapes and nature, using oil, acrylic, and watercolors as mediums.  

First, she studied printmaking / books arts as a major at the University of the Art but dropped out. Then, went to Rowan University College of Art and Design for art education but was kicked out of the program. That point she just took a bachelor’s in art minus the education because art education wasn’t in her heart.  It was here at Rowan University that she discovered her love for painting, instead.  

Unfortunately, fibromyalgia took its toll and for five years she had to stop painting, but took up photography as a hobby instead. But now, thanks to a great medical program here in New Jersey, and making a great recovery and is back to her normal self. Since her recovery, she is getting back into painting and building up her body of work.  She is now making a name for herself in the Philadelphia region. 

Right now, she is living just 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia on the Southern New Jersey side .

By The Sea

Seascapes and other landscapes by the ocean or sea