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My name is Ullissa Estrella Cole, I am a Tampa-based artist. Born in Jacksonville, Florida 2003, into my lovely family which consisted of my Mom, Dad, and older brother at the time. Growing up my dad was in the military, so we moved around a lot. The place I loved the most was sunny California. We moved at the start of kindergarten, and through 6th grade. The culture was so rich, the energy so strong, and the weather was utterly perfect. This new enviornment brought out a whole new  creative side of me.


In the 3rd grade, my school had a new art program that I was very excited to join. After some time of being in the program, we held an art show and two of my pieces were entered. Coincidentally my grandparents had recently flown in for a visit and were able to  come to the show that night and see both pieces. One a striking, windmill and the other, my own rendition of a Picasso. Yet, where I saw a sorry attempt at painting like some of the greats, my Peapaw saw someone who had immense potential.

Since then, I have taken my art very seriously. I've had many new creative experiences with many individuals over the years, working on Fashion shows, production sets, Photoshoots, etc. These experinces have all allowed me to learn new skills and tips that have only helped me to make my art better over time.


At the end of the day, my goal is to use my art to share my small perspective of our huge world, and if I've done that I've fufilled my purpose.

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