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Trevor Wade Thomas

Trevor Wade Thomas

Trevor Wade Thomas, b. 1987 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a painter and draftsman working in the traditions of perception. With an emphasis on the materiality of paint, Trevor uses his paintings as an interface to explore the world and its perceptual oddities.

Thomas graduated from Colorado College in 2010 with a BA, magna cum laude, with an emphasis in studio art. His undergraduate work exposed him to numerous media in visual art, as well as provided him the opportunity to study in Europe on several occasions. Upon graduation, Trevor apprenticed for WPA muralist Eric James Bransby, b. 1916, and served has his principle assistant on a mural for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. During his apprenticeship, Bransby trained Thomas in the traditions of egg tempera, buon fresco, and traditional mural painting gained through Bransby’s study with Thomas Hart Benton, Boardman Robinson, and Josef Albers. Since this experience, Trevor has completed two murals of his own including an altarpiece for the Church of St. Uriel in Sea Girt, New Jersey.

In 2015, Trevor earned an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. In the course of his studies, he trained under and assisted artists including Scott Noel, Vincent Desiderio, and Edgar Jerins. At the core of his studies, Thomas developed a strong devotion to figuration and anatomy. The figure serves as a central topic within his visual explorations and teachings.

Trevor Wade Thomas creates art instructional content on his YouTube channel, the Oil and Earth Studio, as well as at local institutions. He frequently exhibits at Gallery Art1Eleven and his work has been showcased and collected in the United States and Europe.

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