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Simon Berson

Simon Berson

Simon Berson

1721 SE 17th St. #417

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316



Pratt Institute — 1971
Fairleigh Dickinson University, BFA (MCL) 1976
Artist Statement

	Growing up in New York City had many advantages. I used to skip school and spend days at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Modern Art and the Guggenheim museums. The influence of Tanguy, Duchamp, Picasso, Calder, Kandinsky, Nevelson, Bontecue, and many others, is apparent in my work. Tempered by 30+ years as a technical writer and illustrator for a variety of manufacturers: 

	2016~2021: Ferrari/Berson Studios, Las Vegas, NV and Fort Lauderdale FL
	2002~2013: Crestron Electronics, Inc., 15 Volvo Drive, Rockleigh, NJ
	1999~2002: Telcordia Technologies, Piscataway, NJ
	1998~1999: Metropolitan Life, Madison Ave, New York, NY.
	1997~1998: Ernst & Young, Carlstadt, NJ
	1980~1997: Sharp Electronics Inc., Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ
	1977~1980: Teletype Corporation, Skokie IL
	1972~1977: Minolta, Ramsey, NJ/Palatine IL
	1969~1972: Heathkit, Fairlawn, NJ
	1966~1969: USAF

	The collage/mixed media pieces begin with filling a sketch book with a series of imagined part drawings, these are created without regard to what the final piece will be. I have developed a vocabulary of parts that on their own appear simple, but in combination they go from a chaotic pile of drawings to an organized piece. These parts are assembled like a puzzle, but without a predetermined plan. The completed structure and addition of technological components (that were thoughtfully supplied by several technical journals), creates a brain teaser for the observer. I aim for a kind of balance of curiosity and puzzlement, leaving the observer to fill in the story.

	A viewer puzzles over the resultant images of the combined forms.  Do these images depict a kind of machine, something bio-mechanical, or an alien life form or landscape? In any case, the work invokes a thoughtful response, a kind of “Brain Candy” that never seems to get old.

	My sculptures follow a similar pattern of creation. Collected parts/hardware, found objects, and some original components, all wired together. Some have built-in illumination. 

Selected Exhibition History 

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition New York, NY (1970-1972)
Salmagundi Club, NY (1972)
Bergen County Chamber of Commerce, Paramus, NJ (1973)
Art in the Park, Montclair, NJ (1973)
Burlington County Hospital, Burlington, NJ (1974)
The Red Barn Gallery. Ridgewood, NJ (1975)
Gallery Elizabeth, Chicago, IL (1977)
International Sculpture Exhibition, Boston MA (1978)
Rene's Gallery, Soho, NY (1980-1984)
Sharp Electronics Corp. Mahwah, NJ (1982 - 1990)
Crestron Electronics, Inc. (1999-2012)
The Red Eft Gallery, Wurtsboro, NY (2002)
Art in the Park, Hillsdale, NJ (2003)
The Star Gallery, Middletown, NY (1999 - 2003)
The Stray Cat Gallery, Bethel, NY (2012)
The Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY (2013)
The River Tree Gallery, Kennebunkport, ME (2014)
The Cooper-Finn Gallery, Millbrook, NY (2015)
Maryland Fine Arts (Circle Gallery) Annapolis, MD (2016)
Lois Lambert Gallery, Santa Monica, CA (2018)
Zurich Art Walk, Zurich, SW (2019)
Artists and Charity, Palm Beach, FL (2019)
Continuum, West Palm Beach, FL (2019)
The Arts Council of Martin County, Stewart, FL (2020)
London Biennale (2021) 
Monat Gallery, Madrid Spain (2021~2022)

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