Sheree Murphy

Sheree Murphy

Born in Wales UK, I studied at Swansea School of Art in Wales between 1999 and 2003 where my practice took root in analogue photography before the dominance of digital photography, social media and the visual impact of the influencer. In 2021 I moved to Mallorca from Swansea my practice is influenced by the thriving art scene and has been largely impacted by the street artists and their narratives of social commentary and activism. In 2023 I shall be exhibiting a collection of my work at The Florence Biennale.

I live in Palma, Mallorca where there is an incredible street art scene, there is a freedom to street art that is shaped by the artists thoughts. I come from a town called Swansea in Wales where Banksy stamped a piece of his work to a garage in Port Talbot (30 mins away from Swansea). This was not only a surprise to the community but it also created divisions, most appreciate the art work and were excited to see a 'real life' Banksy, but some people were like vultures trying to pursued the owner of the garage to sell it to them, others tried to destroy it.

His notoriety is so big now I don't know if that is a good thing or not because his statements are felt massively through communities for the better and for the worse.

Lastly technology seems to have an impact on street art as it is in most places an illegal act, which is another obstacle artist have to overcome. Coming from the UK CCTV is prolific on the streets however in Palma particular the old town CCTV is not so common this allows the street artists the freedom to choose there walls to create, with this comes street art politics within the graffiti world, where tags, comments and targeting fresh graffiti as place to produce your new work creates divisions and unities with the graffiti world.

I find that has you mentioned the art establishment are often the gate keeps to the art world and this can have a detrimental effect that often deny the artist their space to engage with wider audiences and communities and this needs need to change to support artists to make challenging, risk taking, amazing art.

Beautiful piece of work, it looks like nature embedded in with a mathematical equation of symmetry.

Love your work!

Absolutely stunning! I love your work. So raw, and real. So inspiring.

How special, amazing you were a blessed in capturing such a special moment.

Amazing! great painting.

I absolutely love your painting! It is so vibrant and full of layers and colours. As an artist I find it very inspiring, the marks you've made are full of movement, its like you've captured a dance between the paint brush and canvas.