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Hi, my name is Searra Vinnett and I'm a young woman from Chicago's south-side. I've been painting since 2015 with no past education in the art field. I started painting as a form of therapy for myself since I've been trying to find some way to relax versus a bunch of pain meds that my doctors prescribe. Basically, my paintings are stories that I am able to tell using a rich color palette to create each piece with emotion. Every stroke I make is a burst of happiness and relaxation to me. My art gives me a way to express myself in a unique way that can link people from all different backgrounds. Art gives me the freedom to turn my pain into something beautiful that can bring people together, whether they come from a world of art, a world of faith, a world of music or any other backgrounds. With the many obstacles of health in my life I feel art is a true form of therapy better than any medicine available. And I hope it can help others feel that anything is possible.

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