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Sasha Nesterkina (b.1990). Works in the genre of sculpture and object. The artist uses natural materials - wood, stones, parts of animal origin, found objects - complementing them with tactile forms made of clay or wax. The main themes of her art are the aesthetics of nature, ruins and archaeology. The main motif of the works is the interaction of organic and inorganic principles, the natural and the artificial. All works have relative freedom of interpretation and surreal potential.

The artist’s oeuvre can be divided into two groups - small plastics and assemblage sculptures. The small plastics, clay sculptures, on the one hand, refer to the millennial tradition of women's arts and crafts, and on the other hand, ironically challenge archaeology and our idea of a coherent and immutable system of knowledge about the past. The others are sculptural assemblages created as if for an anti-utopian future landscape, presenting compact stories that the artist herself calls "ruins". They produce multilayered impressions, combining past and present, absence and presence, hope and despair. Ruin is one of the important concepts of the artist's creative world, combining an elegiac perception of nature with a fear of the technical world of the future.

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