Sarah Schacht explores the relationships between geometry and the organic, the beautiful and the grotesque -- that which decays, and that which flourishes with life. Guiding the eyes of the viewer around in dazzling circles, her work refuses a single definitive style or angle, unveiling the force of contradiction driving her expression.

Sarah is interested in how history coalesces beyond the social moment to form our subjective narratives and perceptions. Seeking to understand the deeply inscribed effects of American globalization and the capitalist market-labor system of the latter twentieth century, her paintings and sculptures tell a story about the polarized political hot-zone we inhabit today. Considering how a corporate-driven America looms over and dominates both the workscape and quotidian life, Sarah looks to previous eras and embeds images of old familiar Americana, taxidermy deer, and farm animals into imaginative metaphors that require an inward contemplation on their relevance and tenor to the present day. In doing so, Sarah examines binaries between Self and Other, left and right wing ideologies, past and present, change and negligence, never casting aside one or the other’s internal logic. Sarah’s nonsingular aim to consider many points of view underscores the importance of keeping an open mind throughout the process of searching for one’s unique and hopefully multifaceted way of seeing.

Sarah Schacht is currently based in Brooklyn. She received her B.A. in Painting from Tulane University and did post-baccalaureate work in Sculpture at Tyler School of Art.