Sarah e McIntosh

Sarah e McIntosh

Sarah McIntosh is an educator and author and has been a weaver for many years. She followed in the footsteps of her mother who was a talented weaver and who inspired Sarah to begin weaving at a very early age. A talent for, and love of art has been part of her family tradition and experience.

Encouraged to take up acrylic painting, McIntosh quickly engrossed herself in this medium. Her Master’s Degree in English may not have provided the artistic knowledge that comes with a BFA or MFA degree, but it has given her a wide range of perspectives and ideas and has allowed her a glimpse of how people and societies have integrated art in various forms into their understanding of the world around them.

McIntosh also brings to her work many life experiences that often led her to stray off the path of standard social norms. An alternative lifestyle in the late 1960’s and into the 70’s brought with it divergent ways of looking at the world and led to how her art and writing has developed over the ensuing years.

With a propensity towards non-representational art, a painting often emerges out of a desire to use a particular color, and colors and shapes tend to transfer to other paintings, so she usually has half a dozen paintings in the works at any one time. What emerges can be viewed different ways depending on the viewer. Out of all this, McIntosh has created her “Gallery of Weird Art!”

McIntosh has three children and eight grandchildren. She lives in Archer, FL with three cats and a corgi. She can be reached through email:  Her website is: