Sandrine Louise

Sandrine Louise

Born in France, I began my career in visual art several years ago as a professional make-up artist in the Beauty and Fashion industry.

My artistic sensibility led me to experiment with painting, and digital art, with a focus on the abstract, and recently photography.

​"I use Art as a diary".

I am a self-taught artist. With painting, I enjoy working with a palette knife and acrylic paint to create the impact I like, this style will be also present in my digital artwork, for photography black and white is my favorite.

Whatever technique I use, for painting, digital art, or photography,each work is sometimes a reflection, sometimes an epilogue, or the fruit of an experience… but always a reading proposal.

My work is an invitation to enter my world but also an invitation to dig deeper into its one.

Spirituality, feminism, justice, and life, in general, are subjects that inspire me and give my work a meaning that goes beyond aesthetics.

My goal is to create an intimate atmosphere, regardless of the medium I can use